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Company Profile

3V TECHNOLOGY is a leading solution provider of optical fiber fixing&assembling,with more than 18years professional experiences.We have more than 30 skilled workers,who had been worked in Japanese company many years.

We have integrated manufacturing chain from raw material to end products with vertical setup.

Most equipments and machines are designed and upgrated by our production team,and some is from Disco and Yagishitagiken in Japan,these support our research and development stronglly.



Vertical Setup

Integrated manufacturing chain from material to assemblies, Critical components are controlled by ourselves, Long-term&reliable optical fiber partners


With a 18years experiences R&D team, Suppoort client's special requirements mostly, Special material,special parameters,special designs for restricted applications


Skilled workers worked in Janpanese company many years, Drawing sending to confirm before fabrication, one to one assigned person service,prompt response



Fiber Array’s Types and Applications

Types: Standard single-mode SM fiber array Custom Multi-mode MM fiber array Polarization Maintaining PM fiber array Custom SM+MM mixed fiber array Custom PM+SM mixed fiber array 42.5°angle polished fiber array 45°angle polished fiber array Custom lidless

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What is TEC Fiber

 TEC fiber is a kind of lens fiber (thermal diffusive fiber). This kind of fiber is only fired at high temperature to enlarge the core diameter. It is a kind of fiber to increase the coupling

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