Lensed Fiber(Taper Fiber Lens)

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Lensed Fiber(Taper Fiber Lens)

Lensed fiber type:

Pinnacle lensed fiber

Conical lensed fiber

Biconical lensed fiber

Rectangular lensed fiber

Wedge lensed fiber


3V TECHNOLOGY is a leading manufacturer for customized optical passive components.Our featured products are below:

1)Fiber Lens(to polish the fiber endface’s degree as customized)

2)Metallized fiber assembly(Au-palting)

3)Fiber hermetic feedthrough

4)Cutomized fiber array/PM fiber array

5)PM patchcord/PM-MT/PM-MPO

Fiber type SM/MM/PM or customize
Lensed type  Pinnacle/Conical/Biconical/Rectangular/Wedge
Taper Angle 60°-120°
Radius R4-R15
Optional Au-plated
Remark Customize

Lensed fiber:

Lensed fiber is produced using different fine lens tip shaping techniques.

The surface is treated by planar or spherical finishing,optionally the tip was coated with thin film layer

Product application:
-DFB laser diode fiber tail coupling.

-Fiber to waveguide coupling.
-Medical and biological illumination applications.

We can support customized order with my 10years experience in manufacturing lensed fiber.welcone to contact me freely: