Silicone V-groove chip

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Silicone V-groove chip

Number of channels: 1/2/4/8//12/16//24/32/48/64/128/196 or Customized channel
V groove angle: 60° or Customized
V groove pitch: 250um/127um or Customized
Material: Silicone/Fused Silica(Quartz)/Pyrex/Tempax/Borosilicate(Schott BF33)


With 18 years experiences of processing fiber v-groove chip,3V TECHNOLOGY is a China professional manufacturer,who can design and develop according to clients’ special requirements.




Customization of special fiber,special pitch,special channel based on varies material, like fused silica(quartz),borosilicate(Schott BF33),BK-7,silicon etc.,

Customized Channels,like 1CH,2CH,4CH,6CH,8CH,12CH,16CH,32CH,48CH or customize
Customized v-groove angle/opening width(depth) for SM/MM/PM fiber specified by clients
Customized v-groove pitch,127um and 250um are popular in the market,or special core-pitch
Customized v-groove size, not only included length/width/thickness,but also,sides chamfer can be machined.


All Japanese DISCO Dicing machines(DAD3350,DAD3430)

First-class clean operation workshop & 0.5 micron channel spacing accuracy

High-precision processing&expereienced quality control

More than 40 sets machines high processing capacity can deal with mass order demand