High Power SMA905 Fiber Connector Patchcord (Flat Endface)

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High Power SMA905 Fiber Connector Patchcord (Flat Endface)

HP-SMA905 connectors with Free-Standing Fiber Tip (air gap), terminal polished energy fibers in metal ferrule can hold an average laser power up to 100W,can be used for a pigtail of laser diode/laser diode module.


The SMA-905 core with a flat end face or a ceramic connector is used to assemble the large core optical fiber with the end face grinding.

Product features:
1, high precision SMA905 insert
2, optional stainless steel hose or ordinary PVC sheath protection
3, large core optical fiber a variety of specifications optional

1, optical communication signal transmission
2, laser lighting
3, optical fiber sensing
4, medical laser equipment
5, spectral analysis

Ordering P/N:

1,3V-SMA905-A-B-C-D-E –F-G

A)Connector material:

C: ceramics

S: Stainless steel

B)Fiber length(m):123x-User defined

C) Fiber specification:

SM: 9/125um single mode

OM1:62.5/125um multimode

OM2:50/125um multimode

SI 40/125-22/220
SI 100/140-22-250
SI 105/125-22/250
SI 200/220-22/500
SI 300/330-22/500
SI 400/440-22/730
SI 800/840-22/1100
X-check fiber specification sheet.

D)Fiber sheath:

3P: 3.0mmPVC sheath

3S: 3.0mmPVC Metal sheathed

6:6.0mm stainless steel armor

E) Cap specification:

M:Metal dust cap

P:Plastic dust cap

F)Transmission wavelength:X-User defined

G)Transmission power:X-User defined