Fiber Array(up to 196CH or customized)

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Fiber Array(up to 196CH or customized)

Number of channels: 1/2/4/8//12/16//24/32/48/64/128/196 or Customized channel
V groove angle: 60° or Customized
V groove pitch: 250um/127um or Customized
Material: Fused Glass/Quartz/Borosilicate(BF33)


Materials: Fused Glass/Quartz/Borosilicate(BF33)
Channel Number: 1/2/4/8//12/16//24/32/48/64/128/196 or Customized channel
Core Spacing: 127um/250um or Customized
Fiber Arry Lenght(m): 1.5± 0.1 or Customized
Polishing Angel( ° ): 0, 8, -8(± 0.3) or Customized
Polishing flatness: 5 fringes@633nm
Working Temperature: -40 to 85

1: Excellent fiber core position accuracy
2: Telcordia GR-1221-CORE compliant, tested to 5000 hours
3: Glass V-groove substrate and lid for effective UV curing.
4: Custom design flexibility, V-groove created in-house
5: Hermetically sealed package with metalized fiber available
6: AR coating available.