Custom fiber-protruding array

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Custom fiber-protruding array

Fiber-protruding array is a highly customized fiber optic component,which could be used for sensing application with single-mode fiber,for lasing industry with multi-mode fiber .Fiber tip angle could be polished to specific angle(like  0 degree,8 degree,45 degree etc.),also,we could support to do AR/Hi-refection coating.


V-groove Materials: Fused Silica(quartz)/Borosilicate(Schott BF33)/Silicon/N-BK7 or customize

Channel Number:1CH/2CH/4CH/8CH or Customized channel

Optional flexibility of SM/MM/PM fiber type,bare fiber or 0.9mm loose tube jacket.

LC/SC/FC…(UPC or APC) could be chosen

High accuracy of Fiber Pitch:127um/250um or Customized

NTT-AT UV Adhesive curing for V-groove substrate and lid to ensure relaibility

Fiber arry dimension could be optional

Fiber Tip Angel(º): 0, 8, -8(± 0.3) or Customized

Hermetically sealed package with metalized fiber available

AR/Hi-reflection coating available.