What is TEC Fiber

 TEC fiber is a kind of lens fiber (thermal diffusive fiber). This kind of fiber is only fired at high temperature to enlarge the core diameter. It is a kind of fiber to increase the coupling efficiency. Tec fiber is mainly used to reduce the optical alignment error between two different SM fiber cores and the coupling loss caused by the optical alignment error when the laser diode and optical parts are assembled. The thermal diffusion fiber is the beam expanding fiber. Generally speaking, the lens optical fiber is mainly formed in the shape similar to the lens by the photoelectric end face, such as burning the ball, or corrosion (because the corrosion in the place containing germanium is slow), and arc discharge and other technologies to form the spherical end face.

Purpose: Characteristic:
Low Loss Splicing Point For Different Fiber

Fiber Alignment

High Power Connector Pigtails

High Coupling Efficient To Laser

Product parameters:

Low Excess Loss

Large Expanded Field Satable

More Tolerance For Alignment