8CH Quartz V groove 27um pitch value facet 0 deg polishing Recessed Lid Fiber Array

We specialize in customzing optical fiber v-groove,Special fiber array sub-assembly,we could design and produce PM fiber array, mini-size fiber array and other With special optical fiber, special pitch, special channel, customized as client’s request.

Features:(Lid Recessed fiber aray)

1: V-groove:10×2.5×1.5mm

2: Lid:5×2.5×1.0mm

3:Corning SMF-28 ribbon

4: fiber length 1.5m

5:Fan-out box at 1meter point

6:FC/APC Connector

We can make what you want, you may offer products drawings ,hand drawing or the details of what you wanted ,please email us if you want something similar to this product which we had made for our clients or any new designs.